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Water Well Drilling Services

We can help you with all of your water well drilling needs as well as water pump repair and water pump replacement.

Our crews are experienced at finding the proper well drilling location, setting up the rigs and deep well drilling equipment in all types of drilling circumstances, and drilling to the appropriate depth so that you have fresh, clean water.

Do you have low water pressure? Gehring Well & Pump can help!
We drill water wells for commercial and municipal projects.

No well or pump project is too large or small for Gehring Well Drilling and Pump Services. Give us a call at (262) 877-4741 to find out why Gehring is the right choice for your well drilling and pump needs.

Our Well Drilling & Pump Services:

new well

New Well Drilling

Replacement well

Replacement Wells

water pressure issue

Home Water Pressure Problems

boost pump system

Booster Water Pump Systems

existing pump repair

Existing Water Pump Repairs

water storage tank replacement

Water Storage Tank - Repair or Replacement

gehring well and pump

Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems

custom pump system

Custom Designed Pump Systems

well service repair

Well System Service

well service repair

Realtor Well Inspections / Realty Inspection

24 hour emergency service

24 Hour On Call Emergency Service

Well Drilling Services:

  • New House Construction

  • Well Abandonment

  • Well Replacements

  • Municipal Wells

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The Well Drilling Process, Step by Step:

Step 1: Contact Us by email or phone
The first step in the drilling process is to contact Gehring's Well Drilling by email or by phone at 262-877-4741.

Step 2: Determining the location of the well
The next step is to determine the location of the well. Locating the well is not a difficult process but there are a few items that must be considered. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has established minimum separation distances between private wells and septic tanks, drain fields, sewer laterals and other sources of possible contamination. Overhead, underground utilities and trees can affect well location. Other concerns that enter into the drilling process are the dimensions of the actual drill rig and support vehicles. Our drilling equipment is very large in scale and on-site mobility is sometimes limited, so access to the actual drill site is also a major concern.

Step 3: Site specific water well drill is dispatched
After drilling location has been determined, a site specific drill rig is dispatched depending on the geological formations encountered in the area.

Step 4: Drilling and installing the well casing
The actual drilling operation consists of drilling and installing well casing.

Step 5: Cementing or grouting of the casing
Next the cementing or grouting of the casing takes place to seal the casing into the bedrock and protect it.

Step 6: Developing the well
Once the adequate depth that will provide you with the required amount of quality water is achieved, the well will be developed to remove all drilling material from the well.

Step 7: Water well sample taken and tested
Once the well is developed a water sample will be taken and sent in to the lab for testing. The test results will be forwarded to the owner.

Step 8: Vermin proof water well cap installed on the well
After the water sample has been obtained, a vermin proof well cap will be installed on the well. the finished well will consist of six inch casing that extends above ground approximately 12-18 inches.


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"The Gehring Well & Pump specialists come highly recommended. Their 24 hour emergency service saved the day. Fast, friendly and effective."

- Janet L, Burlington, WI


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